Fender systems

Fender beams intended for installation on piers, where various vessels arrive and moor. These elements may be installed installation on piers and on hulls of vessels. They are intended to protect hulls of small vessels such as barges, tug boats, port vessels, touristic passenger ships, recreational vessels etc. and surfaces of many hydro-engineering objects. Beams are available with various cross-sections: square, conical, round, D-shaped, etc. Each shape may have holes with various cross-sections cut and formed inside.

Beams without inner holes are used as protective fender beams on piers and on vessels, where low energy absorption is required and where constant contact of hulls with structures occurs. Such beams are resistant to heavy impacts.

Square or tapered beams with an opening may be used on piers, on mooring dolphins to absorb energy of vessels when mooring. They may also be installed on bows, sterns as well as on sides of vessels. Beams with double taper are designed specifically for bows and sterns of tugboats.

Beams with round cross-section with a hole (cylindrical) are mostly used for quays protection. They can also be used on small ships, boats and tugs. Additional openings in fender beam walls make them softer, which is especially desired in case of vessels with weak hull sides (made of glass fibre or aluminium alloys).

D-shaped fender beams with a hole are commonly used in port quays, marinas as well as on small ships, dredgers, fishing boats, etc. Fender beams of this type have flat base and rounded external surface, which ensures initial gentle contact between vessel’s side and the pier. Fender beams on piers can be installed vertically, horizontally or diagonally. They can be installed in even spacing, creating a mesh on the pier, which facilitate mooring of vessels with various sizes.

The range of fender beams includes over 100 types.
These beams have technical approval issued by the Building Research Institute in Warsaw (ITB), no. AT-15-3918/99 and AT-15-3918/2004.
Fender beams are special-purpose accessories intended for protection of hydro-engineering objects and vessels contacting with structures (during mooring) and when moored at the structure. Vessels effects on the fender elements can be static or dynamic, which causes relevant deformations and stress both of the vessel and the pier.
Therefore the choice of the type and of parameters of the fender equipment must ensure resistance to stress within tolerances defined for the structure.
Currently the latest generation of fender beams is produced using carefully chosen elements, they are made e.g. of polyurethane elastomers which feature exceptional flexibility and high manufacturing accuracy. Elastomers improve performance of the solution, by allowing to produce elements in any shapes and sizes.

The following installation types are used:
- HORIZONTAL installation,
- VERTICAL installation,
- FENDER FRAME installation.


Main features of ZPTS Milanówek fender beams include: - high durability,
- simple installation,
- varied range of shapes, sizes and material densities,
- broad colour range,
- no traces left on hulls.

CYLINDRICAL MC-type fender beams - one of the oldest types of buckling fenders. Available in various outer and inner diameters. Installed mostly using chains linked with fixtures attached to the object's structure.

MKA and MKB TRAY-type fenders - popular fender equipment featuring high resistance to longitudinal shearing forces. Made as a single piece, so their maintenance and servicing requirements are minimal. Can be equipped with a front panel made of a reduced-friction plastic.

MM-type MODULAR fenders - made of flexible elements in the form of feet and a face plate (i.e. the part which directly contacts vessel surface). They feature good ratio of absorption energy to reactive force. Their modular structure, small fender footprint and placement of flexible components behind the face plate permit their installation in space-constrained locations. The face plate can be made of heavy-duty plastics or steel covered with a high-hardness plastic lining.

ZPTS has been also manufacturing CUSTOM COMPONENTS made to individual customer orders.
As fender beams are made of polyurethane elastomers and considering our broad experiences in complex elements production, we are able to manufacture fender beams in various shapes and with different profiles. In cooperation with our customers, we have developed a number of custom designs, which include: moulded in colour kerbs or corner fenders matching specific quay corner profiles and many others.

Zakład Przetwórstwa Tworzyw Sztucznych is the representative of German-based SHIBATAFENDERTEAM AG on the Polish Market. SHIBATAFENDERTEAM AG is a recognized international company specializing in design, production and sales of fenders and fender systems. The company has its representative offices in France and in the United States.

Considering the long-term cooperation between ZPTS and SHIBATAFENDERTEAM AG and our joint experiences as well as professionalism of people who are making it possible, we can work together to deliver and to offer any type of fender products currently available on the market. Our products can be found in ports and on waterways around the world.

SHIBATAFENDERTEAM AG has been specializing in state of the art fender equipment and fender systems (e.g. with a steel face panels and slide lining, floating fenders, parallel fenders, etc.). Our ability to deliver innovative solutions, balanced production costs and the proven network of subcontractors allow us to deliver products of the highest quality, compatible with the strictest requirements, intended for operation in the most severe conditions.

Fenders and fender systems manufactured by SHIBATAFENDERTEAM AG can be made of natural or modified rubber, polyethylene (UHMW-PE /HMW-PE/ HD-PE) , and in many cases, depending on the model, they can include closed steel profiles and installation accessories (such as anchors, bolts, fixtures, chains, etc.).

We recognize that a successful and timely delivery depends not only on the supply of the right material in appropriate quantity and quality, but also on their mutual compatibility and matching. Therefore each design is carefully analysed and our customers receive precise guidelines and assembly instructions to save them from errors and mistakes.

Thanks to the cooperation between the two companies, ZPTS Milanówek products are also available on foreign markets and used in sophisticated applications, proving themselves in difficult operating and climatic conditions, such as for example in the Arctic zone.

Extensive engineering support of SHIBATAFENDERTEAM AG has allowed us to commit to even the most demanding projects and to succesfuly complete even the most complex assignments in terms of design and production.

The long list of installations delivered around the world and in Poland, as well as good credentials confirm the SHIBATAFENDERTEAM AG to be the reliable partner for projects involving deliveries of fender and other auxiliary equipment (such as fixtures, chains, dolphins, etc.).

Fenders are designed, manufactured and tested in accordance with PIANC 2002, EU 2004 and DIN 18800 standards.

Sample projects delivered in Poland: Ostroga Pilotów (Pilots' Groyne in Gdynia Port), Pirs Węglowy (Coal Pier in Gdańsk Port), Hel Port, Navy Port in Gdynia, etc.

For more information and for quotations, please contact directly ZPTS or our representative.