Drive wheels

Zakład Przetwórstwa Tworzyw Sztucznych (Plastics Processing Plant) based in Milanówek is one of the leading producers of drive wheels for suspended monorail transport systems on the Polish market. Thanks to many years of cooperation with Mining Plants and Companies we have adapted our production profile to be able to supply drive wheels for the following types of suspended monorail transport systems:

Our products have always been of the highest quality. We use Vulkollan® polyurethane lining in the production of the drive wheels. The Quality Management System based on ISO 9000:2008 has been in place in our Plastics Processing Plant for years.

In order to meet the mining market requirements, our drive wheels for suspended monorail transport systems are certified by KOMAG Institute of Mining Technology (certificate No. KOMAG/14/B/0098), which enables them to be operated in headings, including those threaten by methane and coal dust explosions.

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