Polyurethan elastomers

Raw materials

Due to their wide range of applications, PU elastomers are relatively small (in terms of volume) but very important group of polyurethanes.

Thanks to their properties, they can be used not only as substitutes for rubber products. They permit production of components with exceptional technical properties, which can not be achieved with other types of elastomers.

With its ability to adjust product properties by appropriate raw material selection, thanks to proper technology and processes and use of dedicated equipment, ZPTS can offer a broad range of products with guaranteed repeatability, consistency and top quality.

Key features of polyurethane elastomers:
- high flexibility in the whole hardness range from 55ShA to 70ShD
- good reflexive deformation properties
- high abrasion resistance and good friction properties
- high tearing and cracking resistance
- good resistance to dynamic loading
- good impact-, vibration- and shock-dampening properties
- good to very good resistance to any weather conditions
- resistance to oils, fats and to a number of acids and solvents
- non-soiling co-acting parts.

Chemical properties of polyurethane elastomers:
- resistance to hydrolysis
- resistance to all atmospheric conditions
- resistance to water and salt mists
- resistant to sugar solutions

good resistance to many chemicals, such as, e.g.:
- saturated and aliphatic solvents
- 10% solutions of acids and alkalis
- motor fuel-oils
- oils and fats
- oxidising agents
- sea water

ZPTS manufactures elastomer components from various types of systems:
- TDI (POLYETHER and POLYESTER) featuring outstanding dynamic properties
- MDI (POLYETHER and POLYESTER) with outstanding strength properties
- QASI - MDI (POLYESTER and POLYETHER) with very flexible applicability
- NDI (VULKOLLAN - POLYESTER) featuring exceptional efficiency and durability


We are also offering professional mixing and dosing equipment for polyurethane elastomer processing.


Rollers with polyurethane rings for belt conveyors
- solid
- composite (disc & sleeve type)

- significant improvement of the machine operating life compared to regular systems
- exceptional belt co-action
- safety confirmed by the State Mining Authority (WUG) approval

Polyurethane linings and jackets
- drive shafts and tensioning rollers of belt conveyors
- pulling rollers and supporting rollers
- transport rollers and pressure rollers

We are offering standard products in the hardness range from 60 to 95 ShA and in sizes up to 600mm and L = 4000mm. We are also manufacturing custom linings for rollers and cylinders, with specifications exceeding the above-mentioned values..

Heavy-duty polyurethane linings
- track chain segments
- palette truck wheel and roller linings
- forklift truck wheel linings

Polyurethane components with high dynamic ratings
- membranes for hydrodynamic presses
- clutch pads
- flexible clutch couplings
- grading sieves

Flexible, abrasion-resistant polyurethane linings
- scoops
- dumps
- chambers
- scrapers
- combs
- pumps and rotors
- mills
- honing machines
- hydrocyclones
- valves
- drums

Polyurethane shock absorbing elements
- sleeves and rollers
- springs
- silentblocks
- press fenders
- vibrators
- dampers

We are also manufacturing:
Flexible, abrasion-resistant polyurethane linings
- curtains
- strips
- plates
- seals
and other products, which utilize properties of this plastic.