MILPUR 2000 series microcellular elastomers

The offer of micro-cellular polyurethane elastomers from ZPTS includes primarily systems used for filters and shoe soles production.

Car and industrial filters
ZPTS products intended for the filter industry are primarily soft polyurethane foam systems (MILPUR 2100 series) and polyurethane adhesives (MILPUR 2200 series). They are used for:
production of seals in air filters;
production of expanded or compact filter bottoms;
bonding metal or plastic bottoms;

Soft foam systems have been used for several decades as seals in air filters, where they seal the creased filter material against the air chamber housing. Stiff, usually filled adhesive systems are used for filter bottoms bonding. In this case the sealing bond is formed between the filter medium and a metal or a plastic bottom.

Shoe soles
Due to its high strength polyurethane has become popular in shoe soles production. It is abrasion-resistant and, at the same time, lightweight, flexible and durable. This material, despite its high elasticity, ensures good foot stability, protection and a sense of balance. Even very thin soles have good shock-absorbing properties. Soles do not scratch surfaces and have very good anti-slip properties. ZPTS Poliuretany offers polyether systems (MILPUR 2300 series) and polyester systems (MILPUR 2400 series). MILPUR systems are very easy to process in all sorts of injection moulding machines used in this industry. Furthermore shoe soles made of these materials are lightweight, strong and resistant to abrasion.