Polyurethane systems

By utilizing over 25-years of its experiences in polyurethane elastomers processing, ZPTS Poliuretany has expanded its business profile by offering the following polyurethane systems:
MILPUR® 1000 series -solid, warm/hot cast elastomers
POLIMIL® D - spray-on elastomers
MILPUR® 2000 series - microcellular elastomers

Polyurethanes are polymers, which are obtained in result of a chemical reaction between aromatic or aliphatic isocyanates with compounds having at least two hydroxyl or amino groups. Depending on the composition and on the molecular weight of polyurethanes, they feature varied physical and chemical properties.
At present, polyurethane is probably the most versatile material known.

MILPUR 1000 series Solid/Cast Systems
Polyurethane elastomers are extremely strong (40-60 MPa), but it is their elongation at break, which can reach up to 500-1000% what makes them unique in the world of polymers. Thanks to their unique properties, polyurethane elastomers are used as superior alternatives to rubber products or products made of other polymers or metals.
ZPTS Poliuretany offers a wide range of PU systems intended for production of elastomeric components:
MILPUR 1100 – MDI-PTMEG systems
MILPUR 1200 – MDI-PPG systems
MILPUR 1400 – TDI-PTMEG systems
MILPUR 1500 – TDI-PPG systems

Such broad range of MILPUR systems allows its users to optimize properties of elastomers so that they best suit the specific application. Independently of the range of the offered chemistry, in many cases systems with various reaction profiles and with various moulding properties are available. The product range includes systems intended for both manual mixing and for machine processing.

ZPTS Poliuretany guarantees top-quality and free of charge technical support for its customers.

The key advantages of MILPUR 1000 series elastomers include:
broad hardness range, 55ShA to 75Sh D;
excellent mechanical, chemical and temperature resistance;
very good abrasion resistance;
high resistance to hydrolysis, low temperature plasticity and resilience;
good adhesion to various substrates.

POLY MILD Spray-on Systems
Spray-on elastomers are intended for industrial applications in concrete and metal protection. Combination of their strength and flexibility with the ability to create seamless coatings becomes particularly useful if used as waterproofing.

After spray-on application, a relatively "heavy" solvent-free coating is obtained, which:
has excellent physical and mechanical properties;
protects against water ingress;
coves concrete cracks;
has very good abrasion resistance;
is chemically resistant.

Spray-on elastomers processing requires qualified contractors and specialized equipment. Spraying can be performed in appropriate temperatures/humidity levels and on suitable substrates. Spray-on elastomers feature very short reaction times, which allows their users to quickly complete assignments and achieve acceptance. Spray-on elastomers from ZPTS Poliuretany can be divided into the following groups:
100% polyurea;
100% polyurethane;
polyurea / polyurethane hybrid.

We have technical approval issued by ITB and an attestation of PZH for the POLYMIL D50 polyurea system, which is used as concrete protection in:
sewers, canals and trays intended for water transport, usable water storage tanks and reservoirs (e.g. fire protection tanks);
manure tanks and reservoirs;
wastewater treatment plants and structures (tanks, pipelines, drains);
swimming pools and rehabilitation pools;

baths and drip trays for reservoirs storing chemical compounds, which these coatings are resistant to. Additionally POLYMIL D50 coats can be used for corrosion protection of steel structures'.