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Polyurethane systems

[mp_row] [mp_span col="9"] By utilizing over 25-years of its experiences in polyurethane elastomers processing, ZPTS Poliuretany has expanded its business profile by offering the following polyurethane systems: MILPUR® 1000 series -solid, warm/hot cast elastomers POLIMIL® D - spray-on elastomers MILPUR® 2000 series - microcellular elastomers Polyurethanes are polymers, which are obtained in result of a…
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MILPUR 2000 series microcellular elastomers

[mp_row] [mp_span col="9"] The offer of micro-cellular polyurethane elastomers from ZPTS includes primarily systems used for filters and shoe soles production. Car and industrial filters ZPTS products intended for the filter industry are primarily soft polyurethane foam systems (MILPUR 2100 series) and polyurethane adhesives (MILPUR 2200 series). They are used for: production of seals in…
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